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Who Am I

Hi guys! So I thought the best way to start off this blog was to tell you a little bit about myself and plans for this blog. My name is Melissa Skrant and my husband and I own Flyway Outdoors Guide Service in Ohio. Flyway has been around for about 10 years at this point…
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Pre Season

Early goose season starts in less than 1 week… 1 week?!? How? What? UGHHHHH!!! This happens every year; it’s like Christmas- you know it’s coming, it never changes, and somehow it always seems like the week before someone dunked me in ice water and replaced my blood supply with espresso. It’s an exhilerating, stressful time.…
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How I Got Started

Hunting is perceived and very much a male dominated industry, and while the female demographic is gaining steam, popularity, and “field cred” it is still vastly a “man’s world”. I didn’t grow up in a “die-hard” hunting home- my dad and brother would go out for a week during deer season every year, and I…
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