Age & Health Restrictions

Every year we receive a plethora of questions in regards to youth hunters, as well as, those with health and mobility concerns. We try our best to make a hunting trip possible for all who are interested in joining us! You should always consult your doctor to determine if you are physically healthy enough to join us; you may be exposed to: less than ideal weather, gun shots/loud noises, walking, climbing, extended periods of sitting, and a whole lot of fun. If mobility is your concern, we do have several properties that provide an easier access to your hunting location- please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you accordingly.
Youth hunters will also experience many, if not all, of the same conditions as stated above. We have successfully taken youths as young as 7 hunting with us. All youths must have their parent or guardian hunting with them. We love having the future generation of hunters join us, but please let us know when scheduling so we can accommodate you accordingly.


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