Who Am I

Hi guys! So I thought the best way to start off this blog was to tell you a little bit about myself and plans for this blog.

My name is Melissa Skrant and my husband and I own Flyway Outdoors Guide Service in Ohio. Flyway has been around for about 10 years at this point and I have been involved for the last 4. When I met Chris I was not a hunter by any stretch of the imagination. My dad and brother would go hunting about once a year, but that was really the extent of my involvement in the industry. I always figured I would follow the typical life route of college and career, but you know what they say, “If you want to hear God laugh, tell Him your plans.”

When I first met Chris and was getting started in the hunting industry I felt lost. Pink camo was everywhere, there were, obviously, your big name female hunting celebrities, but overall it seemed like a very distant reality- but none of it felt “real”. Now, in full disclosure, I tend to be more of the sarcastic, cynic in life, and I had first hand knowledge of the “behind the scenes” hunting world. No one showed up at my door at 4:30 AM looking like they just walked out of the pages of the latest Under Armor catalogue, and I saw enough shooting action in the field to have a pretty good idea as to which “great hunt” stories in the blind were hollywood inspired dramatic recreations to say the least. At the same time, I didn’t grow up immersed in this world, I still felt like the geeky guy who got friendzoned by the hot cheerleader- I knew the right answers, but I didn’t belong… or did I?

Anyways, I wrestled with this for quite awhile, and to my credit, did not give myself over completely to my inner cynic, but I needed my own “place”. A place for a woman who hunts but didn’t grow up in this world, a place where I didn’t need to wake up at 2 AM to have time to do my hair and makeup before my 5 AM hunt, a place where hunting wasn’t a whole life but could make a life whole (<— don’t judge the cheesy). So I made my own place - unapologetically, and now I am inviting you into my crazy, messy reality and hopefully you feel at home here as well.

When you start a blog the “experts” generally tell you that you should have a plan- kind of like writing a book, so I’ll take the advice with a grain of salt. The plan is for you to have a look inside our lives, but from a female point of view. So you will see posts on products that I use, tips and tricks, pictures and videos, probably some how-to’s, lots of bloopers I’m sure, and probably some good recipes thrown in just for good measure.

On another note, I put this blog off for a very long time because I am not a glass half-full, sugar coat the world type of person. I was worried that this blog may “chase off” potential clients who may want to book with us, but I promise you that if you are considering booking, have booked, etc I will not put you in here. This whole platform’s purpose is to make the industry, specifically us, more open and accessible to those looking in, and HOPEFULLY have a few more females to join me in the upcoming hunting seasons.

So, whether you are male or female, young or old, experienced or brand new welcome to my blog! If you ever find yourself in Ohio make sure you look us up I would love to have you join us!

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