Pre Season

Early goose season starts in less than 1 week… 1 week?!? How? What? UGHHHHH!!!

This happens every year; it’s like Christmas- you know it’s coming, it never changes, and somehow it always seems like the week before someone dunked me in ice water and replaced my blood supply with espresso. It’s an exhilerating, stressful time. Exhilerating because all the work we’ve put in for the last 5 months is finally going to be used and stressful because there is always more that can be done.

This year we have added quite a few new properties- some of them we may have to manage for another year before they are ready for clients, but some that show so much promise I almost don’t want to share them. We drove through one of the new properties again last night to check out the camera pics and as soon as we pulled in there was 2 big does with 2 fawns on opposite sides of the field- good sign, and they didn’t run immediately- even better. So we drove through a little further just as a massive flock of geese (or gaggle for you word scholars) flew over. There was a massive owl sitting just inside the tree line watching us- they are quite unnerving creatures really. Their heads spin almost completely around and their eyes are so large it’s like they are looking through you in a creepy menacing way. Anyways, overall, very excited for this property this year.

So for those of you who are venturing out on your own this year. It is crunch time! Early goose starts on September 1, 2018 and Deer archery starts on September 29, 2018- so either way it’s time to start wrapping up loose ends. So what do we do with these last, precious remaining days?

  1. Finish your property prep! You do not want to be on your property the night before your hunt cutting down a great sycamore or trying to build a marsh. It doesn’t work like that! Start setting out a few decoys, make sure your shot lines are clear, HAVE YOUR PERMISSION SLIPS SIGNED AND IN ORDER!!! Do NOT give the hunting a community a bad name and trespass or otherwise violate other hunting laws.
  2. Check your gear. Those climbing harnesses that have been sitting in the garage in the box, yeah those ones. Make sure they are clean and in working condition- broken straps=broken bones. Make sure your decoys are ready, blinds are clean, and guns/bows are sighted in. If you have not used your calls since last season you may want to brush up on those skills- the geese probably won’t land if you sound like a goose receiving an exorcism.
  3. Clothing- this one is probably my least favorite as it usually involves laundry and shopping and it tells the truth about that diet I’ve been telling myself to start for the last 18 months. If your clothes do not fit you will not have a good hunt. This isn’t your wedding day and I promise you that the ducks, deer, turkey, or whatever else you are hunting will not be able to read what size your pants are- size does not matter, FIT DOES! Fit is not the only thing to be concerned with, you also need to have the right gear for the right season and situation. Arctic white camo will not do you much good in the middle of an open goose field in September- you will get heat stroke, the birds will see you, and your dog will be very angry that you wasted all the work they put into practicing those retrieves.
  4. MAKE SURE YOU ARE LEGAL. This ties into number 1 a little bit, but it bears repeating. Make sure your ammo, firearms, stamps, licenses, etc are all correct and filled out. That HIP number is not optional and is used to help determine season dates and bag limits.

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